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Patient Payment Scheme

At Markham Associates, we want to help you to increase your self-confidence through improved dental appearance based on a foundation of good dental health.

Our patient payment scheme can make it easier for you to achieve this. The scheme allows you to spread the cost of regular dental examinations and preventative hygiene treatments and also offers discount on additional treatments you need or want as outlined below.


Markham Associates Private Price List

This is a list of some of the services we offer to give an idea of the private charges. All charges are subject to change due to individual circumstances or materials.

A written estimate and receipt will be given for all treatment planned and carried out.

A Monthly payment of £13.50 paid to us the 1st day of the month for a 12 month period:

Examination and Diagnosis

  • New Patient Examination£60.00
    (includes clinical examination. radiographs,treatment plan and estimate)

  • Routine Examination£42.00
    (includes clinical examination, radiographs,treatment plan and estimate)

  • Routine Examination with Full Dentures£30.00
    (includes clinical examination, treatment and estimate)
  • Small Radiographsfrom£8.50
    (Single bitewing and periapical x-rays)
  • OPG Radiograph£42.00
  • Study ModelsPer set£36.00


  • Hygienist (Scale & Polish)30 minutes£52.00
  • Simple scaling (done by the dentist)15 minutes£37.00
  • Deep Scaling (done by the Hygienist)30 minutes£72.00
  • Periochip£44.00


  • Amalgam from£72.00
  • Compositefrom£93.00
  • Glass Ionomerfrom£48.00
  • Fissure Sealant£16.50

Root Canal Treatment

  • Root Canal TreatmentIncisorfrom£328.00
  • Premolarfrom£389.00
  • Molarfrom£489.00

Crowns and Veneers

  • First ClassPremier
  • Porcelain VeneerFirst Class £520.00Premier £620.00
  • Porcelain Bonded CrownfromFirst Class £520.00 Premier £628.00
  • Gold CrownFirst Class £550.00Premier £650.00
  • Inlay / OnlayfromFirst Class £480.00Premier £580.00
  • Gold InlayFirst Class £580.00Premier £660.00
  • Core and PostCastFirst Class £130.00
    PrefabricatedFirst Class £100.00
  • Recement CrownFirst Class £48.00


  • Porcelain Bonded BridgePer unit£550.00
    3 Units£1500.00
  • Recement bridge – all types£85.00
  • Recement bridge with etching done by the lab£110.00


  • Extractionfrom £98.00
  • Surgical Extraction£178.00
  • Infected socket£28.00


  • Stoning and smoothing restorations£28.00
  • Sensitive Cementum£28.00
  • Issue Prescription and consultation£36.00
  • Acute Condition£28.00
  • Night Guard / Gum Shieldfrom£199.00
  • Anti Snoring Appliance£599.00
  • Broken Appointment Fee £25.00


  • First ClassPremier
  • Full Upper & Lower Acrylic DenturesfromFirst Class £1000.00Premier £1300.00
  • Full Upper Acrylic DenturefromFirst Class £550.00Premier £750.00
  • Full Lower Acrylic DenturefromFirst Class £550.00Premier £750.00
  • Partial Acrylic DenturefromFirst Class £500.00Premier £700.00
  • Chrome DenturefromFirst Class £900.00Premier £1000.00
  • ClaspsFirst Class £38.00
  • Valplast DenturefromFirst Class £900.00

Repairs & Alterations

  • Repair to Dentures1 hour repair£110.00
    Next day£70.00
  • Impression for repair£11.50
  • Adjusting Denture£28.00
  • Reline£125.00
  • Soft Reline£125.00
  • Addition to DentureNext day£90.00
    3 Hours£135.00


  • ImplantPrice on Application
  • Implant Crown & Astra PostPrice on Application


  • Upper & Lower arches (Home Kit)£286.00
  • Zoom Whitening£386.00

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