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Emergency Dentist in Reading, Berkshire

If you urgently need to see a friendly, expert and highly experienced emergency dentist near you in Reading or Berkshire, our 5* rated clinic can help.

Our emergency dental team is led by our highly experienced principal dentist, Dr. Ali Kamran ( GDC No: 71662), who has over 24 years extensive dentistry experience.

We understand how worrying and how uncomfortable dental and oral pain can be. When there is pain, there is usually some oral health complication in or around the affected area.

Any form of tooth pain, no matter how mild or extreme is a sign that you need to make an appointment to see your dentist immediately.

Most of the times treating the complication right away may mean something as simple as needing a filling due to tooth decay.

However if these types of treatments are delayed it may lead to something far more complicated and expensive such as root canal treatment or even a drastic measure like removing the tooth in question.

Why choose us for emergency dentistry?

✔️ Same day emergency appointments available (subject to availability)
✔️ Our patients have provided over 130 5* Google reviews
✔️ One of the highest Google rated dentists in Reading
✔️ One of most established dentists in Reading at over 40 years
✔️ Highly experienced team of dentists and specialists
✔️ Help for nervous patients
✔️ Accepting new patients
✔️ Friendly and modern clinic

emergency dentist reading, Emergency Dentist in Reading, Berkshire

Do you need a same day dental emergency appointment?

If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced emergency dentist in Reading or Berkshire to help quickly stop your tooth pain, our state-of-the-art clinic can help.

To see if we can help you on the same day, give us a call on 0118 957 4308 or 0118 950 2275.

Emergency dentist review via Google

“Excellent service. Needed an emergency tooth extraction after the bank holiday weekend and they saw me within an hour of first contact. Very friendly team who made me feel at ease and talked me through everything at every step of the way. Thank you.”

emergency dentist reading, Emergency Dentist in Reading, Berkshire
Claire Ball

What you can expert during your emergency treatment

We treat all our emergency patients exactly how we would expect to be treated in this situation: with compassion, dignity and respect.

We try and treat dental emergencies the same day but this will obviously depend on how many slots we have available, so the sooner you can call in the day the better.

So that we can agree on your most suitable treatment, we will discuss with you the recommended treatment options available to you (including cost, length of treatment, sedation, recovery time etc).

24 hour Emergency Dental Care Tips

While you are waiting to see us, try following these helpful emergency dental care tips to help alleviate any pain:


Rinse your mouth with warm water and take over-the-counter painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, but remember to follow the instructions on the packet. A cold compress can help reduce any swelling.

Lost filling

Place sugar-free chewing gum or a temporary filling material in the cavity and avoid eating or drinking on the affected tooth.

Lost crown

If still in one piece, use chewing gum or over-the-counter dental cement to stick the crown in place temporarily. If broken, keep all the pieces and cover the cavity in the same way as a lost filling.

Knocked out tooth

Hold the tooth carefully by the crown (the part that shows when in your mouth) and rinse gently with water (but be sure not to scrub). Try to put the tooth back in place but make sure it is the correct way round. If this is not possible, then keep it in some milk (or water containing a pinch of salt).

Don’t reinsert a baby tooth as it can damage the permanent tooth underneath.

Broken tooth

Collect any pieces of tooth and store them in milk. Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to reduce any swelling.

Some simple precautions you could take to avoid dental injuries:

  • Always use a mouth-guard during any contact sports.
  • Never chew ice, popcorn kernels nor hard sweets.
  • Avoid using your teeth cutting threads or similar objects.
  • Don’t hold small torches between your front teeth when you do DIY work.


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