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Tooth Extraction in Reading (including Wisdom Teeth)

If you’re looking for affordable and pain free tooth extraction near me (including wisdom teeth) from a highly rated and experienced Reading dentist, our modern clinic can help.

Benefit from the expertise and dedication of our highly skilled principal dentist Dr. Ali Kamran (GDC No 71662), who has over 24 years extensive cosmetic dentistry experience and has helped perform extractions for hundreds of patients in Reading and Berkshire.

What is a tooth extraction?

A tooth which is very decayed, damaged or loose because of gum disease may have to be extracted (taken out of your mouth). It often happens with wisdom teeth when they have come through at an awkward angle and are causing problems and pain.

Teeth are sometimes taken out from children’s mouths to help other teeth grow straight or for orthodontic treatment.

What will my dentist do?

Some teeth are easier to take out than others. A local anaesthetic will be used to numb the tooth before it is extracted, which is the best treatment for most patients.

In some cases, e.g. children, nervous patients or where a tooth might be difficult to remove, a general anaesthetic may be considered. If a general anaesthetic is needed, you will have to be referred to the hospital (you will normally be able to go home the same day).

Extraction treatment costs

To help keep this treatment affordable, we have ensured our prices are extremely competitive compared to other experienced dentists in Reading.


  • Extractionfrom £98
  • Surgical Extractionfrom£187

Tooth Extraction Near Me, Tooth Extraction in Reading (including Wisdom Teeth)


You may need a day or so off work to recover, depending on how difficult the extraction was and whether general anaesthetic was used.

The dentist will give you a pad gauze to bite on, to stop any bleeding.

The dentist will give you advice on:

  • How to look after the space where the tooth was while it is healing.
  • How to use painkiller so you are not in any discomfort when the anaesthetic wears off.
  • How to contract the practice if there are any problems.

Why choose us for tooth extractions

✔️ Over 170 5* Google reviews
✔️ Open Saturdays
✔️ One of the highest Google rated dentists in Reading
✔️ One of most established dentists in Reading at over 40 years
✔️ Highly experienced teeth extraction team
✔️ Get fantastic results at great prices
✔️ Accepting new and nervous patients
✔️ Friendly and modern clinic

Our latest tooth extraction patient reviews via Google Business

“After a bad experience at another practise, I was simply terrified of having to go to a dentist again, but having read the reviews for this practise I decided to book an appointment. I’ve had fillings and extractions with Dr Kamran and I couldn’t recommend him enough. He was so gentle and reassuring. The level of service and care at this practise is excellent!”
Tooth Extraction Near Me, Tooth Extraction in Reading (including Wisdom Teeth)
Gintare D (May 2022)

“Hadn’t been to a dentist for a while, so a little worried. A friend recommended Markham Associates. Needed fillings and an extraction.

Put at ease from the start: procedures fully explained, x-ray results shown, treatment options given and no pressure. COVID rules in place. Pleased with outcome.”
Tooth Extraction Near Me, Tooth Extraction in Reading (including Wisdom Teeth)
Brian Jessett

“An outstanding dental practice, providing an excellent level of care, advice, support and expertise. The whole team is highly professional with excellent interpersonal skills…warmly welcomed by this nervous patient! Dr Kamran always explains proposed treatment and options in full.

Yesterday’s painless filling of a deteriorating tooth, which required work very close to the nerve, was particularly remarkable and perhaps even more so when taking into account the level of PPE required.

I felt completely safe at all times. Many thanks Dr. Kamran and team.”
Tooth Extraction Near Me, Tooth Extraction in Reading (including Wisdom Teeth)
Carole Thomas

“Today, I just finished my dental treatment – I had three implants and a filling done. Dr Kamran was very efficient and skilled, my teeth look amazing! The fact that I don’t need to use my old denture anymore is so much more convenient and I cannot wait to eat a pizza in a restaurant stress-free!

They are genuinely friendly and I am grateful that they did not try to sell. They spent time during the consultation to make me aware of all my treatment options and were very reassuring during the process.

I recommend MA’s warmly.”
Tooth Extraction Near Me, Tooth Extraction in Reading (including Wisdom Teeth)
John Webber


Patient satisfaction is very important to us

Our latest Google Business reviews


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